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Collaborative Divorce

A divorce can affect a family in an irrevocable manner. For couples with children and for professionals, it can be a dire situation. You need the right legal advice and the right path to help you sail through such a situation. And we provide you with just that.

Collaborative divorce is the latest method of alternate disagreement resolution in family law, in which rational and productive settlement is the highlight. The attorneys for both parties help the clients to resolve disputes by using obliging methods and not combative strategies. Collaborative law practice guides clients to reach a negotiated result.

Wase, Wase & Grace, LLC has immense experience and skilled personnel to resolve such cases efficiently. We combine the use of lawyers, health advisors, and financial consultants, who approach the case in a way that causes least trouble to either of the partners.

Collaborative law process ascertains minimum emotional and financial turmoil. It assists in preserving peace, integrity, and dignity of all family members. We strive to provide clients with excellent collaborative divorce processes both professionally and personally.