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Family Law

The set of laws and rules that are related to family issues, such as marriage, inheritance, adoption, surrogacy, or divorce, are referred to as family law. The delicate relationships that bind a family together are under scrutiny and therefore such cases need to be handled with care and detail. Any legal action that involves family members needs special attention. There are emotional aspects, besides the legal ones to consider.

When a couple decides to physically separate, they must also consider the financial separation, and if there are children, the considerations multiply rapidly. Ms. Wase, is skilled and proficient in explaining to you important aspects of family court law, with regard to family break-up and rights under Maryland law. She will protect your family rights with reference to the immediate equitable division of a family as well as your continuing rights associated with custody, visitation and child support.

Ms. Wase, an adoptive parent herself, can wade through the seemingly endless paperwork involved with the process of new or step parent adoptions. We offer a superior level of family court services and competence for our clients in all facets of family law matters. We provide advice to assist global clients.